EICR Explained

Inspection and testing

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What is an EICR?

EICR tester in Belfast.

If you need an EICR report in Belfast carried out on your property. Contact us or book online today. Below is a short description of what the inspection Involves.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (also known as inspection and testing) ensures the safety of your electrical installation, including any alteration or additions that have been made. Therefore, this makes sure it was and still is safe to use. Tests would be carried out on all circuit and sockets including inspection of fuse box and cables.

Which means that EICR reports in Belfast outcomes depends on the condition of the installation itself. There are two possible outcomes Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Additionally, within this report will be details on what does and doesn’t meet current standards. All EICR reports in Belfast can be provided in both paper and email as required.

Inspection and testing

However, meeting current standards is not always essential for a satisfactory report. Therefore, guidance would be given on how the installation could be improved. Most importantly, clear guidance will be given on what is essential and what is not essential.

EICR Codes

C1: Immediate Danger – Examples: Exposed live parts, open hole in the consumer unit, badly damaged accessory, incorrect polarity, conductive parts are live due to ongoing fault.

C2: Potential Danger – Examples: Poor earthing, absence of RCD where required for portable equipment used outside or where is located in a bath or shower room, absence of earthing at a socket.

C3: Non-Compliance – Improvement recommended – Examples: absence of RCD, undersized bonding(earth wire) conductor, regulations not met.

EICR Belfast Average Home Costs:

CostTypeSize of Premises
£150Domestic EICRUp to 3 Bedroom
£160Domestic EICR4-5 Bedroom
£170Domestic EICR 5 Bedroom plus Garage
CALLCommercial EICRAny Size
*Price shown for up to 13 circuits only per property